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A Sacred Space for Healng The Mind, Body, and Sprit

Mental Health and Wellness

What does mental health really mean? We hear this term in every day life but are we really understanding what it means? In my years of personal and professional experience, I have understood and experienced mental health as a balance of mind, spirit, and body. It is a grounding experience in which you are connected to yourself and one with all. There is no separation. The awareness allows emotions and thoughts to flow through us, without being stuck in those emotions or thoughts. It is the cultivation of self-awareness. Self-awareness allows you to be aligned within, yet detached. It is the objective observance of that which is all around us and within us. It is being able to go within your heart, soul and mind to feel all and know your thoughts without judgment and without fear. As we develop self-awareness, become more aligned and grounded, we cultivate mental well-being and health which ripples it’s beautiful energy and abundance into to world around us.

What are some ways to develop self-awareness and ground our self? For me, prayer, meditation, communing with nature, and silence allows the thoughts and emotions to flow and my mind, body, and soul to be grounded. Do not resist what comes, observe it and release it. 

In this month, May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month, I send peace and blessings of mental and emotional well-being to all. I encourage you to find one consistent ritual and practice, which grounds you, connects you, facilitates emotions and thoughts to be released and cultivates mental health and wellness. 

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!

Peace and Blessings-Abeela

The Power of Gratitude

April 9th, 2023

I often come across individuals who are struggling with negative emotions, such as anger, fear, sadness, and negative thoughts who ask me “how can I change the way I think and feel.” Emotions are neutral, however they have meaning once we give them power. We all experience emotions in various situations and circumstances. Emotions are a guide to our life if we learn how to navigate them accurately. There are two reasons why negative emotions arise. One, is the ego. This is where the I, me, mine arises from an ego-based space within our self, where everything is always about the "ME" without consideration for others. Releasing the ego, and being able to have compassion in our hearts and openness to others, allows us to have an altruistic experiece in life which can shift the negative to a positive. The second reason is perception. When we shift our perception and the way we view things and circumstances in life, our experience of the situation also changes as well as the emotions aligned with the experience. If we can find the “silver lining“ or a "noble intent," in the circumstance, which allows our viewpoint to shift even slightly, then we will experience a more high frequency. positive emotion. Negative emotions are also there to teach us something about ourselves, and how we can learn more about our own selves and grow.  Don’t hold onto any of these emotions.  Allow them to pass through, just as you would see the clouds in the sky passing through, as only an observer.

The Emotional Guidance Scale created by Abraham Hicks, demonstrates the emotional frequency of high frequency positive emotions, spiraling upwards versus the low frequency negative emotions, spiraling downward. The high vibrational frequencies of positive emotions include joy, love, peace and tranquility, happiness, and as you move towards the downward spiral low, vibrational frequencies include sadness, despair, anger, frustration. By default if you are going upwards, you cannot go down words and by default if you’re going downwards, you cannot go upwards. 

So how do we flip the switch when we realize or notice we were spiraling in a downward negative emotioanl frequency? I choose the Power of Gratitude. Gratitude allows us to get out of the space of ego and into a more compassionate and open heart centered space.  And when we can focus on things, situation, people in our life, who we can be grateful for, it allows the vibrational frequency to rise above and higher and prevents us from spiraling downward further.

Gratitude also allows us to shift our perception from fear-based into love-based. It is a spiritual experience when we use gratitude in alignment with our emotions. And this experience transforms not only our thoughts our perceptions, our feelings, but also our physical manifestation of our life experiences. 

So next time, when you are feeling a bit down, become aware of your emotions as an observer, as if you are looking outside the window at the clouds and allow the clouds to pass through. And as you allow the clouds to pass through, reflect on that which you can be grateful for and hopeful for in your life. As you practice, this, you will become not only more aware of your emotions and the frequency at which they are, but also be able to manage them and regulate them by allowing yourself to spiral upwards at a high, vibrational frequency. So go ahead and sprinkle some gratitude glitter on your yourself every day and watch the magic happen!​

I send you Peace and Blessings-Abeela

The Power of Word

February 26, 2023

What we give power to has power over us. Words carry a unseen energy, power, which can transform our reality by shifting perceptions and experiences. Recently I was reflecting on the word trauma. First recorded in 1685–95, trauma is from the Greek word traûma “wound”. Prior to the word trauma being coined by the Greeks, how was this word experienced? How is this word experienced outside of western psychology in other cultures and societies? For many cultures  around the world, there is no direct translation of the word trauma. Often it is experiences, emotions, feelings that are described from the distressing event or wound one has suffered.

Over the many years, Western psychology has given power to the word Trauma and created an attachment to the word,  in which individuals and society is trapped in. When we use the word "trauma", we give it power and continue to stay trapped in the wound/distressing event. What happens if we release ourselves from this word trauma as if it never existed? Would you allow your psych to attach itself and give power to the word “trauma” in everyday life? Would you choose to live with an open wound every day of your life and never allow it to heal? Or would consciously choose to let go of the word "trauma" and simply state, " I experienced a very distressing wounds are healing..."

 In my experience, there is probably not one human being on this earth, who has not experienced some form of distressing event, either directly or indirectly. However, if we release this word, trauma, or the idea that “I am traumatized”, maybe we can generate our own healing by shifting our language and perspective.

Distressing events and situations often result in wounds, and wounds need to be healed. However, if we continue to attach our Self to the wound when will we allow ourselves to heal? We will be forever captive of the word, trauma, post-traumatic stress, and even post-traumatic growth. Undoubtedly, distressing events and wounds create distressing emotions and experiences. There is no undermining this phenomenon. However, it is the growth and the healing which arises from these experiences, which is more important. What lessons have we learned from these distressing events for a more purposeful and meaningful life?

The mystic Sufi poet Rumi said, “the wound is where the Light enters you”.  As we release ourselves from the attachment to the word “trauma”, healing Light enters into our life and begins to shift our reality and heal us. Let go of your attachment to the word Trauma. Understand it for what it is, a wound that requires healing and nurture. Whether these wounds are physical, emotional,mental or spiritual, allow yourself to heal by using the power of your words for healing and love, where by shifting your perception and manifesting into a new reality.

I send you peace and blessings-Abeela​

Intuitive Nutrition

Good Mood Foods

February 5, 2023

I absolutely love food and I enjoy eating a variety of different foods from different cultures. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t had my share of poor eating habits over the years. And when that has happened, I have definitely seen how it has impacted my physical health as well as my mood.

​The old adage of “you are what you eat” stands accurately in the world in which we live. The rising number of mood disorders, anxiety, co-morbid health related issues, low energy, and chronic autoimmune disorders may be influenced by the diet we consume. Influenced by much of the western world- quick fixes, instant gratification, mindless habits, we have silenced our intuition towards healing.

Intuition is our inner guide towards healing, happiness, and a life with a higher purpose, lived with joy.

When we eat intuitively our bodies and our brain, physically respond. It is the connection of the soul and mind which creates a physical manifestation towards health.

Being mindful of what our body takes in as nutrition can be a powerful way to intuitively nurture and heal ourselves.

The following will be a brief guide to foods, vitamins and minerals that promote healing for our mind and our body.

Good Mood Foods

Our brain releases neurotransmitters, which are the messengers that communicate how we feel, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The two main neurotransmitters are dopamine and serotonin.

Dopamine is the feel good hormone which triggers motivation and the pleasure reward system of our brain.

Serotonin is a mood regulator, which gives us the feeling of happiness and bliss.

Both are made from amino acids-building blocks of life. 

Amino acids are found in Protein Rich foods.

Proteins change into:


Tryptophan— serotonin

The following is a list of mood boosting foods, vitamins and minerals which nourish our brain and help heal our mind and our body.

Protein rich foods:










Cottage cheese

Greek Yogurt

Folate-B vitamins: Help Manage Stress and Mood

B6, B12, B9

Homocysteine is an amino acid and when it is in excess can cause depression, dementia, heart disease, stroke.

Adequate amounts of B vitamins and folate breaks down homocysteine.

Foods with B Vitamins:


Leafy greens


Brain Fuel:

Our brain uses 20% of body’s energy.

Carbohydrates break down into glucose which is the primary energy source for brain.

Carbs which break down slowly to release glucose include (Low Glycemic)

Whole grains




Carbohydrates are also involved in creating serotonin. Carbs help create tryptophan, which means more serotonin!

Selenium-mineral and antioxidant

Selenium fights damage in the brain and low levels of selenium can cause increase risk of developing; anxiety, depression, lethargy/fatigue.

Selenium helps proper function of thyroid gland and hormones release for other body functions.

Foods rich in Selenium:

Sunflower seeds

Whole grains

Brazil nut (highest source of selenium)

3 Super Mood Boosters:

1- Vitamin D-Sunshine Vitamin

2- Omega-3 fats -profound impact on reducing inflammation and boosting mood

Omega-3 food sources include:

Chia seeds


hemp seed


3- Pre and Probiotics-great for gut health

Food Sources Include:




Learning to cultivate self-awareness, and intuition through introspection can allow us to be more intuitive at many levels, including what we physically ingest into our body. This in turn can promote a healthy lifestyle filled with vitality, energy and healing.

With my history of inflammatory health conditions and recent post-surgery recovery, I have made a firm commitment with clear intentions to choose foods which are not only delicious, but have significant nutritional value to promote healing of the mind, body and soul.

Currently, I am experimenting with some of the foods listed above and creating old recipes in a new and healthy way. I am working towards comprising a list of recipes, which I will be sharing in the future! More to come!

Eat Healthy and Be Happy!

I send you peace and blessings – Abeela

Sacred Womb Wellness

January 28. 2023

Sacred Womb Wellness

Women are the sacred vessels who bring life into this world. Our bodies are magnificent and magical, experiencing conception and birth of another life. However, not all women are able, for various reasons, to conceive or to bring a human life into this world. And when this happens, a spiritual transformation occurs wi​thin the w​oman and her body. The energy of life force does not disappear, nor does the passion, enthusiasm, pleasure and pain that goes along with creating life. It transforms into something more powerful.

Many women are unable to, or choose not to have a child birthed into this world. The society that we live in, where demands of work, family, social life take precedence, impact our bodies and often result in unhealthy consequences of the various stressors and demands. This may result in a shift in harmony and changes in the reproductive system.

Endometriosis is one of many reproductive system disorders. It is defined as the excess growth outside of the uterus of the endometrial lining. Changes in hormones, resulting in estrogen dominance and stress hormones, genetics, weight, impact the flare ups of endometriosis. Women of all ages, starting in the early teen years, may be impacted by this condition. The more severe cases of endometriosis can develop into endometriomas, or cysts, which may rupture. The misplaced endometrial tissues can also fuse the reproductive organs to other organs, such as the bladder or colon. The pain resulting from the chronic inflammation, heavy menstrual bleeding and constant discomfort can be debilitating, not only at a physical level, but emotional, mental and spiritual level.

However, hope remains. When we sit down and introspect within ourselves, what being a woman means, what being a mother means, and how this energy is transformed and manifested, life starts to shift for the higher good. You start seeing a larger picture of life and purpose. You learn the value of a woman’s womb, of life that comes through it, and the power that the womb holds. And when, for whatever reason, a woman is unable to experience this birth, that power is transformed into a spiritual and higher manifestation of reality. Endometriosis, or any other reproductive disorder is not the end of a woman’s identity. It is a catalyst for feminine evolution and transformation. The womb, which is designed for physical birth, changes into a spiritual birth. The energy is transformed into a powerful and meaningful experience of life and connection to the Higher Power.

For those impacted and coping with any womb disorder, do not be dismayed. Instead take a moment to self-reflect, and introspect within yourself of what the condition means for you in your life. What are your learning about your emotional and spiritual self? What do you need to let go of and what do you need to embrace more of? What changes are you willing to make whether it is physical, social, relational, spiritual or emotional to have the most authentic experience in life?

I was diagnosed with endometriosis about seven years ago when I had an emergency surgery after an endometrioma cyst ruptured. And recently I have again gone through another relapse and surgery. As I have experienced this journey over many years, I’ve come to realize that the endometriosis didn’t develop overnight or merely just a few years ago. This was a condition which probably began in my late teens or 20s. It took me a while to understand the layers of social, cultural, relational issues which may have also played a part in my acceptance of this condition. With the recent surgery, I have shifted my lifestyle even more so, with clarity and intention. I have made conscious choices to remove toxins (physical, emotional, social, relational, spiritual -as best as possible), re-evaluate my relationship with myself as a woman and let go of preconceived notions of cultural expectations as a woman. I continue to learn meaningful lessons and expereince my own healing through this journey. 

I believe we go through experiences in life, so that the lessons learned may be shared with others. My journey with multiple chronic health conditions is also my calling to share the knowledge of healing and the power of love, faith, and hope.

In my journey, introspection has played a very important part, reminding me of the evolution that comes with life challenges and experiences. It can be very scary to have a chronic health condition and there is a sense of grief and loss, which just comes along with it. However, there is also a peace knowing that the feminine energy and love will continue to grow, transform and heal the body from within, as well as externally. The truth is that the world that we live in does not support a healthy lifestyle. There are too many distractions, too many toxins, too many stressor. However, when we manage our own choices, we allow the power of life, love, and healing to flow through us, and give birth to a reality, which may not only heal us physically, emotionally and spiritually, but to some degree, the world in which we live in. 

I send you peace and blessings – Abeela

Listening to our Body Companion

January 20, 2023

One of the many things I have learned over 35 years of living and coping with a chronic auto-i​mmune condition​, is to learn how to listen to my body. The phases in life when I have not paid attention or attentively listened, has resulted in disharmony within my body, mind and spirit.  As such, life has taken me on a journey to share the knowledge I have learned over the years with those who are also learning how to understand their bodies in relation to the their physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Our body manifests the energies and emotions which surround it. It is an intelligent being, one which consistently communicates to us, regardless of whether we listen to it, or not. Our skin and our gut have a primitive intelligence which allows them to receive information from the external. In turn, they translate this into health or disease. And unfortunately, if we don’t learn how to listen to our body, it will begin to retaliate! However, taking the time to slow down and pay attention to our body, and what it is trying to speak to us can give us immense amount of knowledge of our emotional state as well as spiritual state. We are born with this intelligent companion, and it is our responsibility to cultivate a relationship with our body, one which is filled with love and healing.

In today’s world, the words: stress, anxiety, grief, frustration, anger, resentment are not uncommon companions whether they be in relation to family or work environments. They manifest in dis-ease and physical trauma within the body as illness. And it is these moments which magnify the need of setting boundaries with the external world. Before your body screams and tells you to stop torturing it with all the external and emotional terrors, take the time to set the healthy boundaries needed. Listen to your gut. It is wise. Recognize unhealthy situations in to which you can say no, step away from or limit exposure. As you begin to cultivate these boundaries, your body will in return thank you. It will begin to fall into a place of ease and flow. Nurture these moments, and cultivate more of these healing moments by slowing down, paying attention, and removing anything which feels toxic. Boundaries are an expression of love. 

Create a shift. An intentional powerful commitment to yourself that you will cherish your lifelong companion-your vessel, your body. Intentionally break away from negative, low vibrational energies with love and forgiveness. Commit to love and higher vibrational energies so that you can heal and honor your physical companion towards pure health and wellness.​ 

I have learned and am still leardning the importance of gratitude for my health and respecting the moments when my body has been in disharmony. Both health and dis-ease teach us a lot about ourself. Most imortantly the power of introspection, self-awareness, and caapcity to make a shift, a change which can lead to a healthier Mind, Body, and Spirit. 

I send you peace and blessings of health...Abeela

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